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Learn how to Master Your Inner World to unlock your inner growth and healing.

Rediscover your enoughness to start creating the Income, Impact, and Influence you crave.

Shift from constantly seeking outside gurus to finding alignment with your internal guidance. 

Become empowered to speak your truth and share your soul's mission.

Be supported by a community of others just like you activating their Heart-Driven Impact!


The Intention of Activator 
Own Your Power, Your Impact, and Reconnect Back to Your Soul.

When you master your inner world you allow inner growth and healing to activate your inner power, this then allows you to grow your impact, income, and influence being fully you. 

Deep Mindset Work to Reframe and Release Old Programming, Limiting Beliefs, and Stories.

Energetic Shifting And Clearing

Practices + Exercises to Release Any Emotional And Energetic Blocks Holding You Back.

Full Access Pass to All Classes

The Moment You Join Activator, You Get On-Demand Access to the Entire Library of Content. Your Private Training Portal Tracks Your Progress, + The App Allows For Convenient On-The Go Learning.

Live Q + A
Come Join Me Live to Ask Me Anything and Get All Your Questions Answered In Real Time.

Supportive Community 

Join The Private Social Community to Connect and Mastermind With Fellow High Vibe + Heart-Driven People.

And More!

Let Me Put This Bluntly.
Activator IS for you if:

You're ready to do the work, and take radical responsibility for your life! 

You're ready to stop playing small and get out of your own way.

You're ready to stop dimming your light and show up as the unapologetic and fullest expression of yourself. 

You're ready to make a shit ton of money and impact from a place of genuine connection, love, and service. 

Activator is NOT for you if:

You think the secret you're 'missing' is in buying yet another program that you binge-watch, never fully implement, and then leave over lack of results - To only repeat the cycle.

Sorry, not sorry. If you want REAL results, then you need a mentor who gets REAL with you.  

Activator is not another program you buy that then collects dust.

Activator gives you the ultimate tools, exercises, and practices to tap back into YOUR INNER GURU.

If you're not ready to fully show up + play all out,  Activator is not for you.